Links to Sexism in Cyberspace

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Although there isn’t enough discussion about sexism on the internet, there is some. Whether it is discussion of what’s occurring or what needs to be done, it is important to address this issue head on to create change. The following links are various articles and information out on the internet relating to sexism.

This article examines the different forms of sexism that women writers experience on the internet. Despite a woman’s credentials, sexist comments and criticism can still flood her way.

Geared towards men, here is information on what they can be doing to prevent and stop sexism towards women on the internet. Men discuss the ignorance that their own sex needs to stop.

There are men that don’t think that they are sexist because they don’t act in a way that is completely disgusting towards women. It may catch you by surprise, but be cautious with things from pet names to compliments, it may be sexist!

Cybersexism is still sexism. This page by Tauriq Moosa takes a deeper look into sexism on the internet; the problems that come along with it, and what should be done.

Have you ever experienced an instance of sexism? Or know someone that has? Here is a webpage designed specifically to fight against sexism and share those stories to tell the world that it does exist. Here is the everyday sexism project.

Have you ever thought about how sexism in real life compares to life online? Read this article that compares the two and describes which one is worse.


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