It’s current, it’s relevant, and it’s under the radar.

As a woman, have you ever felt the need to create a male username for yourself?  Have you analyzed your behavior online, based on possible preconceptions of how you should present yourself on a website?

How about this: if the internet is a gender neutral space, why do stereotypes exist about women’s ability to handle technology?  Finally, why do women feel the need to express their opinions in more neutral tone to the online world?

These issues are rarely

  • addressed
  • discussed
  • critically analyzed
  • changed

Sexism online is under reported and under discussed.  It is necessary to draw attention to gender bias online, in order to instigate discussion, which will than lead to implementing plans to create a more accepting and safe online sphere for both genders, while improving the cyber space communities.

Sexism needs to be talked about, with regard to

  • Women being targets of flaming and revenge porn
  • Sexist technology continuing to be created
  • Women’s insecurities about using a female persona
  • Stereotypes related to women’s technological abilities

Education and discussion will open avenues to create a healthier online community.  It is essential to understand the negative effects of online sexism, and to understand how technology is being used to both fight and perpetuate sexism.



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